Alternative Financing Solutions for Small Businesses and Real Estate Investors

We think outside the box, for clients who don’t fit perfectly inside one.

We pick up where the banks leave off!

When looking to finance your business or real estate investments in California and throughout the Western United States, come to us first. While many banks are only interested in BIG transactions, our specialty is with all types of equipment and small-balance commercial real estate less than $3,000,000.  We have over 25 years of experience in this industry and have funding partners that include a wide range of community banks, bank subsidiaries, credit unions, private lenders, and insurance companies.  

SBA Loans

Investor Commercial Real Estate

Equipment Financing

Investor 1-4

Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate

Bridge Loans (Hard Money)

Credit Check Financial Banking Economy Concept

Are credit challenges holding up your financing?

Low FICO score
Low liquidity
Foreclosure or Bankruptcy
Tax Lien
Pending notice of default

Are you encountering a property related challenge?

No historical operating history
Low historical collections
Deferred maintenance
Atypical mixed-use property
Single room occupancy (SRO)
A female hand removing a folder from a cabinet full of files and folders in the office or home.

Are lender conditions holding up your financing?

Seasoning requirements
High occupancy rates
No long term leases in place
No tax returns
Long timeline to close

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