Working Capital

If you are a business owner that is in need of working capital for your business and want to use a trusted no-pressure adviser to secure financing, then contact Sierra Commercial Capital today.

Inventory Financing

Inventory Asset Loans are typically secured by the value of inventory being purchased. Qualified applicants must show that sales of inventory will bring in sufficient income to repay the loan. Our Inventory loans serve business owners who have been denied a conventional loan due to credit history or some other factor.
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Accounts Receivable (Invoice) Financing

An accounts receivables loan is based on the amount of money owed to a business in form of invoices or billing. Funds can be used for the daily operations of the business including the purchase of inventory, employee wages, and utility payments.

Line of Credit

A business line of credit is similar to personal lines of credit like credit cards. You would be granted you access to a specific amount of financing but would not make payments or incur any interest until you tap into those funds. A line of credit can be either unsecured or secured (typically by inventory, receivables or other collateral).

SBA 7a

SBA 7(a) loans have the most flexible use of proceeds and may be used for everything from buying an owner-occupied building to providing working capital to expand your business.

Term Loan

A term loan provides a business owner with a lump sum up front that is then repaid at regular intervals over a set amount of time, also referred to as the loan term. Interest rates on term loans can be fixed or floating.
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Business Credit Card

Get a credit card that's right for you and your business. "Stacked" card programs are also available that let you take advantage of low introductory rates. Especailly useful for start-up businesses.
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